01. When she found out she had won the award, she was [overwhelmed] with joy.
02. The young mother was [overwhelmed] with love when she first held her newborn baby.
03. The small loan project has been [overwhelmingly] successful in helping people who were refused loans at all the major banks to set up their own businesses.
04. The Allied forces were [overwhelmed] by the enemy attack, and had to retreat 3 miles behind their original position.
05. After putting out a request for applications, the company was [overwhelmed] by more than 200 applicants for 3 positions.
06. When we heard that you were coming, we were simply [overwhelmed].
07. Medical students generally have an [overwhelming] amount of homework to do.
08. Bertrand Russell once said, "Three passions, simple but [overwhelmingly] strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind."
09. I was [overwhelmed] by all the homework I had for the long weekend.
10. The government was elected with an [overwhelming] majority.
11. In Thailand and India, couples [overwhelmingly] responded in a survey that if they could choose the gender of their unborn child, they would prefer a boy.
12. So that I don't [overwhelm] you with too much work, we will only have one exam this week.
13. Craig Kielburger once remarked, "For each time that I have felt [overwhelmed] by all of the suffering and hatred in the world, I can also remember a time when I felt hope."
14. Hong Kong's traffic jams, skyscrapers, pollution, and crowded apartment buildings can be somewhat [overwhelming] to the visitor.
15. In October 1991, the government of Turkmenistan held a vote on self-rule, which was [overwhelmingly] approved by the population.
16. The population of Djibouti is [overwhelmingly] Muslim, and Arabic and French are the two official languages.
17. In 1994, the country of Jordan, [overwhelmed] by a flood of refugees, closed its border to arrivals from Kuwait and Iraq.
18. After the earthquake, the survivors were [overwhelmed] with offers of aid.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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